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USSRC and UYSA Policy Manual

USSRC Policy Manual

To view the entire policy manual of the Utah State Soccer Referee Program and the Utah State Soccer Referee Committee click here

UYSA Policy Manual

Click here to view the UYSA policies

Glossary of Terms

Chairman where used is not gender specific -- Refers to both male and female.

Federation or USSF means the United States Soccer Federation, Inc.

SAC State Referee Assignor Coordinator provided for under Rule 7 of this policy.

SDA State Director of Referee Assessment.

SDI State Director of Referee Instruction.

SRA State Referee Administrator.

SRC State Referee Committee provided for under Rule 3 of this policy.

SRP State Referee Program established under this policy.

SRR State Referee Registrar provided for under Rule 8 of this policy.

State Associations USA and UYSA.

State Games Youth Competition State Cup Matches.

SYRA State Youth Referee Administrator

Technical Staff SRA, SYRA, SDA, and SDI.

USA Utah Soccer Association, Inc.

USASA United States Adult Soccer Association

Utah State Soccer Referee Program also referred to as the State Referee Program

UYSA Utah Youth Soccer Association, Inc.

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