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The USSRC site is dedicated to guide, effectively communicate to, inform and update referees of all levels within the state. It is designed to provide a common point of reference to the vast collection of resources available to soccer referees. The resources are focused on supporting the common goals of professionalism, training, growth and service to the game.

Pay Periods

As a reminder our pay periods are from the 11th - 25th of one month and the 26th to the 10th of the next month. Any games that have a match review completed during that pay period window will be paid for that pay period (unless of course the arbiter username and account number are not listed correctly in Affinity). For the 11th - 25th pay period payment will be made on the 30th and for the 26th - 10th pay period payment will be made on the 15th. Match Reviews must be completed for a referee to be paid. If the 15th and 30th fall on the weekend payment will be made on the Friday before the weekend.

Please make sure that your Arbiter Account Number and Arbiter Username or correctly listed in your Affinity Referee Account. If you're unsure what your Arbiter Account Number and Username are please contact Arbiter at 801-576-1251.

If you've been getting paid regularly through Refpay with no problems in past seasons then your account information is correct.

Pay Scale

UYSA approved a new pay scale for our referees that went into effect Jan 1, 2017. Below is the new scale:

The fees are:

U09/U10 - $25 Center
U11-U12 - $30 Center $16 AR
U13-U14 - $35 Center $20 AR
U15-U19 - $45 Center $25 AR

All Youth Referees Must Be Registered In Affinity And ArbiterPay


A.) Pre-requisites to setting up a ArbiterPay account

  1. Have an email address that is unique to you and not shared with any other family member that's a referee.
  2. Have your Social Security Number (or Equivalent) ready along with your bank account info ready in case you use associated payment option (see info below on Payment Options)

B.) How to set up Affinity and RefPay accounts through UYSA

   Please refer to the following document:

      How to Register As a UYSA Referee

C.) Referees must file report to get paid
  1. To ensure prompt payment, Center Referee is required to fill out a game report within 24 hrs.
  2. Assistant Referees can check on game report 24 hrs. after the match and if not completed, can enter scores themselves and confirm the referees
  3. If a report is not completed, no fees will be paid for the match.
  4. To report match results, log on to https://uysa.affinitysoccer.com/Foundation/Login.aspx?
  5. Match report includes:
    1. Score and a record of who scored the goals
    2. Misconducts (includes explanation in comments)
    3. Confirmation that the referees assigned the match showed and participated
The following video shows the game reporting process: http://youtu.be/5mh-U2ShVMw

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