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Requirements and Procedures

Keep the following points in mind when requesting an assessment. Please make your request early in the season. This will allow us time to find and schedule the appropriate crew.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT for you to stay in touch with me and your assignor until your assessment is set.

  1. Send an e-mail to the SRA with a copy to the SDA requesting an assessment. Indicate whether it is for grade maintenance or upgrade. EX: Grade 6 maintenance OR Upgrade from grade 7 to grade 6

  2. If requesting an upgrade, attach a list of games officiated. This will help us determine if the appropriate number of games have been officiated at the appropriate age group and level. Click the following link to access the worksheet.

  3. Include your referee ID number with the e-mail. This is found on your USSF referee registration card. If you have a logon to the pro website, include your professional id number also.

  4. Send a check payable to the USSRC (Utah State Soccer Referee Committee) to the SDA for the correct amount. This check must be received before the assessment will be scheduled.

    Maintenance Fee:
    • Grade 7 = $45
    • Grade 6 & 5 = $50 (1 passing assessment)

    Upgrade Fee (Each Game):
    • Grade 8 to 7 = $45 (1 game as referee)
    • Grade 7 to 6 and 6 to 5 = $50 each game (2 games as referee)

  5. Mail your check payable to the USSRC and send to the State Referee Administrator:

    State Referee Committee
    4476 S. Century Drive
    Salt Lake City, UT 84123

  6. Send an e-mail to the SDA with names of the entire officiating crew prior to the game.

  7. Contact your assessor (if known) to verify game information (time, location, etc).

  8. Most assessments will be planned in advance and everyone properly notified. Field evaluations may be unplanned. It is expected that each game will be officiated as if an assessor were present.

  9. Assessments should be on your first or only game of the day.

Questions, contact Josh Nye at utahsra18@gmail.com

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