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Points of Emphasis


There are a number of resources available to Utah soccer officials which specify the requirements and expectations that they must meet as officials. This summary outlines the points of emphasis for performance for Utah soccer officials. It is a compilation of requirements and recommendations by USSF, the Utah State Soccer Referee Committee, The Utah Amateur Soccer Association and the Utah Youth Soccer Association.

These are points of emphasis and are not all inclusive. For specific details and more complete list of requirements you will need to refer to and become familiar with the following reference material:

A referee's compliance with these expectations and points of emphasis will play a part in selection for game assignments, tournament invitations, preparedness for upgrade and overall eligibility to participate in the program at a level appropriate to a referee’s potential.

In addition to compliance with USSF requirements and code of ethics, failure to comply with these expectations, could result in withholding of assignments, upgrade and, depending on severity, other disciplinary action.

Knowledge of the Game

  • Attend a recertification clinic or equivalent in-service clinic hours
  • Pass the appropriate annual written exam required for your grade.
  • In an effort to raise the consistency of our referees in their interpretation of the Laws of the Game, every referee must attend a minimum of 6 hours of ARTS or ACTS each year which must include a minimum of 3 separate ARTS/ACTS or instructional clinics other than recertification. The State Director of Instruction makes every effort to provide worthwhile opportunities for instruction throughout the year including clinics outside the Wasatch front. Those living outside of the area where regular clinics are held are asked to make every effort to meet this requirement via Webinar
  • Keep current on changes in the Laws and become familiar with the publication ADVICE TO REFEREES ON LAWS OF THE GAME .

Know the Rules of Competition

  • You are required to know the rules of competition for the leagues in which you participate including the Utah Soccer Association adult amateur league, the Utah Youth Soccer Association and any affiliated tournaments in which you officiate.
    This includes:
    • Substitution procedures
    • Tie breaker / overtime procedures
    • Player pass and participation requirements
    • yellow and red card procedure
    • Duration of game
    • Uniforms requirements
    • Guidelines for spectators where specified
  • To officiate in USA Adult Amateur games you are expected to attend the orientation meeting once per year and other meetings that arise for referees officiating at this level.


  • First impressions are critical to your success as a referee.
  • Dress the part. Clean, up-to-date, uniforms including appropriate and matching jerseys, socks, shorts ("any old pair of black gym shorts" are not part of the uniform).
  • Show up on time, even if the teams don't. Set the standard, don't follow. All youth and amateur games REQUIRE you to be there at least 30 MINUTES BEFORE KICKOFF. Failure to comply will result in denial of future game assignments.
  • Know the check in procedure for the game/league you are officiating and abide by those procedures
  • As a referee YOU are to set the standard of behavior and professionalism EVEN IF THE TEAMS, COACHES OR SPECTATORS DON'T. By setting the standard and being our best, even in tough situations, we make the game better.
  • Know and abide by the Standards Of Conduct on page 12 of the Referee Administrative Handbook



Youth Game Reports

  • Game report available on line (click here) completed within 4 days of match
  • Red cards delivered to Youth office within 48 hours of the match
Adults Game Reports
  • Hard copy game report completed and mailed within 48 hours of the game or PDF as one file and email to office
  • Scores called in on day of game
  • Red cards delivered to adult office within 24 hours
Failure to comply will result in denial of future game assignments.

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